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Specialists in Project Management, and CMMI and TickITplus based Process Improvement

Quality is ensured by what you do, and how you do it, not what you check!

If you feel that process improvement and change programmes waste time, money and resources, without delivering any benefit then perhaps we can help. At CPIS we don't pretend there is a silver bullet. We use our experience and objectivity to help you understand where you have opportunities to save time and money, making the best use of your engineering and management talent and adding real value by making careful changes or improvements to your capabilities where it really matters.  We can also guide you through the typical cultural and behavioural obstacles to change, and turn what can be a painful journey into a fruitful and satisfying experience.

Delivering tangible benefits, not a costly consultancy programme!

Our pragmatic and effective approach will help you develop solutions that, because they are your own ideas:-

  • are more acceptable to the staff involved
  • are more likely to be effective in the long run
  • won’t rely on long term support of expensive outside consultants
  • will quickly become part of your company culture
  • often involve doing less not more

And because we try to limit our involvement to only what is necessary to set you on the right track, any time or effort savings identified are soon converted to tangible performance improvements - which generally makes everybody happy - staff, managers and executives alike.

Roger GamageRoger Gamage

CPIS was established by Roger Gamage in 2005. Roger has over thirty five years' experience of managing and implementing the development of software and hardware products, and software intensive systems, Registered TickITplus practitioner and has previously held senior project and departmental management roles with major companies including Dynatech Corporation, Philips, Simoco, Trend Communications and NEC. For nearly ten years, as a certified CMMI® instructor, a PRINCE2 practitioner, and more recently, a registered TickITplus Capability practitioner and member of the TickITplus BPL working group, Roger has championed our pragmatic approach to change and has helped many companies and individuals to improve the way they organise and manage software and product development, and service deployment.
CMMI is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University.

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