Corner Process Improvement Solutions Ltd.

Changing Performance, Increasing Satisfaction

Why work with CPIS?

 The short answer:

  • Our low overheads and competitive rates
  • Our breadth of process knowledge, experience and expertise
  • Our specialist knowledge of CMMI and TickITplus, and the mapping between them
  • We do only what you need to help you find solutions (rather than sell you an unnecessary consultancy package)

The longer answer:

Although there are some common management or process related challenges, we believe effective solutions to these challenges and more specific problems need to be tailored for each organisation - there are few, if any, “off the shelf” solutions. We work with our clients to find solutions that are right for them, and to identify any necessary changes of behaviour that may be needed to deliver tangible results, rather than trying to impose a pre-prepared, and inappropriate solution.  This way the solutions are accepted and used by hands-on staff, deliver real benefits and are likely to stand the test of time, not just pass the next audit.

Our low overheads and competitive rates

CPIS is a small organisation, but with a wide network of trusted and expert associates and partners - we don't have the overhead of sales, marketing or full-time admin staff, which means our day rates for expert resources are remarkably competitive.  The advantages of this business model are:

  • We will always provide expert resources, always at competitive rates.
  • We will never charge a hidden overhead for backroom support or admin staff.
  • Although we are small, co-operation and collaboration with partners is natural to us, so....
  • ....we will either provide sufficient appropriately skilled people for the job or....
  • ....we will be honest about our capability. If we can't deliver what you need we will introduce you to somebody who can.
  • Our traditional relationship with our clients is one of trust - a major success factor in being able to work together.
  • We aim to build a "light-touch" mentoring, rather than "intrusive" and "dogmatic" consultancy relationship.

Our breadth of process knowledge, experience and expertise

Our staff and close associates have practical, hands-on, experience of many industries and expert knowledge of:

Processes and models:

  • CMMI® (DEV & SVC)
  • TickITplus
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 15288
  • ISO 12207
  • ISO 20000
  • misc other models and standards

Disciplines and methods:

  • Project Management (including Prince2, PMBOK, APM, Estimation, Risk Management etc.)
  • Systems Engineering (including Requirements Management/Engineering, Design/Development & Integration, V&V)
  • Agile & Lean
  • Process Improvement

Our specialist knowledge of CMMI and TickITplus, and the mapping between them

Our business was founded on sound engineering management experience backed up by CMMI expertise and we have been helping clients understand the theory and practice of CMMI since 2005.  More recently we have played an active part in the development of the TickITplus Base Process Library, and will continue to support the development of the scheme. and the necessary training behind it, as the concept of process capability within TickITplus is rolled out to users and developed.

We do only what you need to help you find solutions

Being a small company with a group of trusted partners suits us.  We are not driven to find a continuous stream of work for a small army of consultants, so we get a buzz out of doing just enough to help our clients achieve their goals without breaking the bank along the way.  We are always happy to complete a successful engagement knowing that the client no longer needs our help - indeed on some occasions we have advised our clients that they no longer need us.

No organisation is too large or too small to benefit from improved process performance and capability, and CPIS works with many kinds of organisation. Our pragmatic and "light-touch" approach can be particularly effective in helping smaller organisations, who may themselves have limited resources to apply to process improvement but, equally, can be just what's needed in a larger company to gently steer them in the right direction.

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