Corner Process Improvement Solutions Ltd.

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CPIS is approaching its 12th anniversary on June 7th, 2017.

CPIS is a proud partner of the CMMI Institute.  We have been using CMMI to help improve capabilities in the 12 years we have been around, and have seen how powerful the CMMI models are in delivering measurable results for our clients.

But CMMI is not the only set of tools we use.  We also help TickITplus users to develop their internal process models and prepare for assessments that result in TickITplus and ISO 9001 certification.

Most importantly, we relish opportunites to share our experience of what makes a difference in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, regardless of models and standards, for development or service delivery teams.

CPIS have co-written a number of new courses including:

  • TickITplus Capability course which was piloted in during 2016 and is now available for public or in-house delivery from CPIS, along with for the TickITplus Foundation and other related courses. 
  • TickITplus Overview that is an ideal introduction for engineers, maanagers or executives who wish to know what TickITplus can offer.
  • Auditing Software Development, which is designed to help trained auditors understand the diverse and often confusing concepts and terminology of softtware development.

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