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Changing Performance, Increasing Satisfaction

CPIS Services

CPIS offer a range of services with the common theme of helping clients to improve the capability of their technical activities, projects and processes/work practices and hence increase satisfaction for not only our clients' customers, but also their staff and managers.  How these aims can be achieved varies from situation to situation so our services address various factors that can affect performance including process management, improvement and assessement, detailed engineering practices and techniques, project and work management, and organisational structure and culture.

Our services include:


Consultancy and Mentoring

Training and Workshops

Assesssment and Action Planning


Consultancy/Mentoring Training/Workshops   Assessment/Action Planning  


Consultancy/Mentoring Training/Workshops Assessment/Action Planning

Process Improvement

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Project Management

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Systems Engineering

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Cultural Understanding

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Now available for bookings:


TickITplus Foundation course
TickITplus Capability course
TickITplus Overview course
Auditing Software Development course


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