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Process Improvement - learning how to improve!

Process Improvement can be a tough task. Often there is minimal time and budget for Process Improvement. Business-wide support for Process Improvement activity is rare, more often there is significant resistance, and false starts or cancellations are common. It’s not unusual for those asked to take responsibility for Process Improvement to have little knowledge, experience, training or support to help them with the task. But there are proven approaches and techniques that can help ease the situation.

CPIS has the experience to understand the common sources and causes of resistance to Process Improvement initiatives, which can delay or even de-rail the program. We successfully help clients identify and overcome the likely obstacles.

CPIS can help you with the challenges of selecting, planning, implementing and rolling out new and improved ways of doing things. We can help you pin-point who to involve (and who not to involve) to give yourself the best chance of success, and learn the techniques needed to oversee a successful Process Improvement programme for yourself.

Process Health Management

CPIS’s Process Health Management approach helps clients to improve capability in their development projects, service delivery and other important activities. Process Health Management involves effective and practical Diagnosis, Counselling and/or Treatment. We use these terms to describe our approach because product development or service delivery, just like people, often suffer from behavioural dysfunctions that can seriously affect their performance.

For example, typical subjects for personal counselling may experience specific behavioural or emotional difficulties, or generally lose their sense of purpose or direction. Many businesses have analogous symptoms and our holistic approach to solving these problems has parallels in personal diagnosis, counselling and therapy.

 Process Health Management can be applied whether you are using CMMI, TickITplus or any other reference model.

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Process Improvement Training

Most people are natural "process improvers", and have instinctively improved many domestic and personal processes.  But understanding how a process operates is a fundamental pre-requisite for its improvement - and full understanding only comes from repeated use of the process.  The practical side of improving business processes, the process of "Process Improvement" itself, is often ad hoc and rarely systematic or repeated often enough to really understand which improvement techniques work best.  CPIS's Process Improvement Training helps you understand and manage the various factors that lead to successful process improvement.

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