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Project Management Services

Keeping work on track and to budget is never easy, especially if you have a lot of projects to manage and not enough capable Project Managers. Even for trained Project Managers, focusing on the right things at the right time, understanding what action to take and when, and what needs to be recorded and how, can be difficult. But whether you’re following your own Project Management method, using a recognised method (i.e. PRINCE2, CAPM, PMP), using Agile delivery methods (e.g. Scrum, Kan Ban), trying to use the guidance of a recognised model (e.g. CMMI® or TickITplus), or maybe a combination of these, CPIS has experienced professionals who can help your Project Managers and Team Leaders find their way.

Project Management Consultancy and Mentoring

As with all of our services we trust our Project Management clients to choose the Project Management approach most appropriate to their business, and we provide appropriate support using the principles of CPIS’s Process Health Management approach, specifically applied to project management activities.  Process Health Management helps clients to improve performance and involves effective and practical Diagnosis, Counselling and/or Treatment. We use these terms to describe our approach because product development or service provision, just like people, often suffer from behavioural dysfunctions that can seriously affect their performance and capability.

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Project Management Services