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TickITplus, introduced in 2011 offers much more than just a route to an ISO9001 certificate, and is not just a revised edition of the long standing TickIT scheme.  TickITplus is designed to align with the nature and goals of your business, and to help map your path to more effective and efficient processes, which can be continuously improved for the benefit of your business.  There is only so much your TickITplus Assessor can do without facing a conflict of interests, so taking advantage of CPIS's TickITplus consultancy, training and assessment support will help you get the best out of your TickITplus programme.

During the past three years CPIS has been involved in the development and application of the TickITplus Base Process Library and TickITplus Training, and works closely with Dave Wynn of Omniprove, the principle author of TickITplus.  With this strong bond, common background and shared vision, we are in the unique position of being able to train, advise, coach and, if necessary, internally assess organisations in either CMMI, TickITplus or both, potentially postponing or removing the need to choose between the two approaches.

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TickITplus Training

Providing a range of public and in-house TickITplus training on behalf of ourselves and our partner companies, CPIS has a long and successful track record of delivering interactive and engaging courses in the UK and Europe.  The interactive nature of these courses allows the focus to be dynamically adjusted to suit the attendees needs as each course progresses.   Available courses include:

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Note: Both courses include an optional exam.  Passing the exam is a pre-requisite for registration as a TickITplus Foundation or Capability Practitioner or Assessor.

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CPIS also provides practical workshops that can be tailored to our clients’ needs, for example to help understand how to prepare or populate a Process Reference Model (PRM) in preparation for a TickITplus assessment.  To complement our training options, and to help our clients get the best out of their TickITplus training, CPIS also provide effective and practical TickITplus consultancy/mentoring and assessment services.

Further information on TickITplus can be found on the website of our partner organisation Omniprove or the TickITplus website

TickITplus Consultancy and Mentoring

CPIS applies the pragmatic principles of our Process Health Management approach to provide consultancy and mentoring to support companies using CMMI®, TickITplus, ISO standards and/or other models and standards, or those who are just following their own judgement. Our understanding of the intent of the various models and standards, and our clients’ understanding of their businesses, combined and applied in a co-operative way based on a trusting business relationship provides a powerful toolset for rapid progress towards our clients’ business goals.

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